Happy Navaratri!

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Happy Navratri!
“During these ten days, the concept and understanding is that the individual should do something to control and transcend the five senses each of action and knowledge.
Navratri is all about the victory over these ten senses…
The ultimate goal, through the victory over the senses, is to control the mind…
“The tenth day of victory that we celebrate as Dashera is the victory of Lord Ram over the various negative forces and tendencies. These negative forces, demons, whatever you want to call them, are a part of daily life, both internally and externally. The whole battle of life is to be able to overcome those forces, within and without, and to be in absolute control of the mind. What is running around externally needs to be stopped, checked, and made internal; that is what the victory of life is all about.”
—Shri Anandi Ma