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Jai Hanuman

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  1. Hello Petr,
    I was disheartened in my search for a Hanuman t-shirt that captures his essence of love and devotion just right when I stumbled onto your site…I would love to get your permission to use one of your pieces for a t-shirt design. It would just be one print for me and one for my Guru for personal wear, not for commercial use.
    Such a beautiful project – really brought me joy to see!
    Jai Hanuman!

  2. Hi Petr,
    Strange but true. Even the names dosen’t matter. This is the divine blessing of Maruti….
    I have been searching hard to find the photo of Maruti everyday. Now its been the habit since months that I fetch daily new AVATAR of Maruti and update it as a status. What could be the start of the day better than status update of Maruti blessing the day.
    So lucky and blessed to find you my dear brother, that you do miracle every day to help us all blind people to see him in several forms.
    Only could do is to pray to Bajrang Bali that he may bless you with the forms unseen, un-thought, untold and bring it alive through your graceful hands..

    A small story to share” Samarth Ramdas was the swami who took Hanumanji to every Corner of India. He established several temples in India and established several idols of Maruti.” I could only say that you are the Samarth Swami of this era who is taking Hanumanji to every hearts of world.

    May Hanumanji Bless You with Health and Peace unlimited to continue the unending work which you have adapted.
    Stay Blessed Brother…

  3. Post

    Thank you for your beautiful words! I’m glad that you like the drawings.
    Sita Ram

  4. Jay Shri Ram,
    Thought if you could create a Hanumanji resembling Avatar Meher Baba, like the way you recreated Einstein.
    Adding the lines of “DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY” will be portraying his life.
    Meher Baba always believed in PERFECT MASTER……
    It was nice to hear from you so quickly and me being unable to reply early.
    Apologies to reply of late.

    Bolo Siyavar Ramchandra Ki Jay,
    Sita Maiya Ki Jay,
    Pavan Putra Hanuman Ki Jay,
    Sankat Mochan Ki Jay,
    Bajrang Bali ki Jay.

  5. Post

    Sita Ram,
    Thank you for the inspiration! I really appreciate your interest.
    I usually don’t plan the drawing ahead, I just let it come at a moment, but will see.
    Jai Shri Ram

  6. Mr. Budil,

    Is it possible to purchase one of your original pieces? I would be very keen to discuss the drawing of our Lord from September 24, 2018. Thank you so much for your time.
    Ram Ram,

  7. Post

    I’m sorry for the delay with my response. I was just taking some time off during the Navratri which is just ending. Yes, the September 24th drawing is still available. Please send me an email to and we can work out the details.
    Sita Ram

  8. Hey Petr,
    Today dont know was recollecting the song , “Love is in the air”..And as a ritual logged on to our website to see what is on today…
    Blessed did Maruti and todays picture was of LOVE..
    There are no coincidents/accidents…
    Everything is planned…
    Thought just should share

  9. I distribute Shri Hanuman Chalisa free of cost as many as a can. These are printed in Hindi and English with translation. Currently purchased from Gita Press. They i understand are shutting operations so I have planed to print about 30000 copies in the next month and wish to use your painting as the cover. I am told that i can use multiple covers with one cover for about 1000 copies. I shall be happy to give you the credit for the same. Please advise and share your views …

  10. Post

    Thank you for contacting me. Sounds like a great project!
    If I’m understanding correctly, you would like to use some of the Hanuman drawings, is that right?
    If the books are not for sale, feel free to use the drawings of Hanumanji that I’ve created. Just please note my name as an author of the drawings and perhaps the website
    If it would be ok I would like to approve the design before it goes to print.. some of the drawings are not that good and I’m not very proud of it.

    In case that it would change and the items would be for purchase, we could work it out too, I usually ask for 10%, buy that is more for reprints,tshirt etc, book cover should be less.
    In any case let me know how it goes.
    Thank you
    Sita Ram

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