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This site contains hundreds of images and the intention is to bring more joy and happiness into the webspace and the World.  While all the images on this site are available in high resolution and are download free, we would like to clarify the terms and conditions of usage of these images.

All of the images on this site are the property of and © Petr Budil . All the work is covered by the Creative Commons license 4.0 which allows you to use the work for personal purposes without payment and with attribution. We recommend that you go to the link below and read the terms. Please always link to the work when you use it online, whether for personal use or in commerce.

Personal purposes may include the following types of activities: Your personal, non business, non business promotional blog. Your personal Facebook page, your personal Pinterest page, etc. If you use the work in commerce, in connection with work (which may mean on a website, printed on T-shirts, in a book or in business related materials, etc.), then you need to seek our permission, which you can do here and we may require the payment of a license fee for the use of the work.

All the work available here has been created by an artist and your understanding and support really matters.

Thank you!

Jai Hanuman

Petr Budil and Hanuman TODAY team




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  1. Hello Petr,
    I was disheartened in my search for a Hanuman t-shirt that captures his essence of love and devotion just right when I stumbled onto your site…I would love to get your permission to use one of your pieces for a t-shirt design. It would just be one print for me and one for my Guru for personal wear, not for commercial use.
    Such a beautiful project – really brought me joy to see!
    Jai Hanuman!

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